Cathy King Mukisa

Senior Pastor

Pastor Cathy King Mukisa

Cathy King Mukisa is the director of the women ministry – Daughters of Greatness – which is an arm in the Word of Truth Ministries. She is a wife and companion in the gospel of Pr Emma Mukisa. She is a mother of two; Zoe King Mukisa who is their first body daughter and Rhema Emma Mukisa who is the last born boy.

She is a pastor in the Word f Truth Center Nansana and the church coordinator of all centres in the ministry. She also coordinators the Champions’ Small Groups in the ministry. She also coordinates different projects in the ministry such as; farming, knitting which is turning up to be great fundamental elements in the ministry’s well-being and moving forward. She is a writer, motivator, teacher and authentic leader who has set a standard for not only ladies but the ministry and the world large.

Her dedication to the ministry and submission to the cause has made her a sold-after leader who lives the talk. She is in charge of the children’s ministry and a visionary whose desire is to see that the next generation is established on and in the Word of Truth.

She leads Daughters of Greatness meetings and fellowships where she sharpens and improves women to live the Word life. Through these ministries, she wisely brings light to women’s everyday struggles and gives heartfelt, life-improving advice.

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