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Loving People, Raising Giants & Taking Over Territories

Pastor’s Message

Christ Alone, Christ Alive, Christ in You and Christ Glorified

I like to teach you the word of God that you can use in your life. Some people like to study things which will never be beneficial to their lives. A lot of times people like to study; ‘how long was Adam’s hair?’ Some people like to talk about that. Does it matter? How long was Jesus’ beard? Churches split because of that.

But I like to tell you about Jesus. I like to tell you about His life in you/the new life in Christ. To unveil the reality of your new identity in Christ. This is why I invite you, this is why I desire that you be part of the Word of Truth Centre and our Champions’ fellowship.


At the Word of Truth Center; I chose to know nothing from among you, except, Christ Alone, Christ Alive, Christ in You and Christ Glorified. Ministering to you about Christ can only esteem you to a place where you are seated with Christ in heavenly places. In that seat of authority where you rule and reign as a king with Christ.

I welcome you to the Word of Truth Center and Ministry. A place of liquid love, strength and grace. Be blessed as you make this church your church and ministry your ministry.

Emma Mukisa
Senior Pastor and Founder