Satellite Churches

Satellite Churches

These are home churches situated in different place and nations but are participating in the service from the main church online!

In this Day and age where the enemy is trying his best to stop public gathering, we go back to the very methodology of the Spirit the early church used! They gathered in homes and houses! That is how they were able to reach the world!

Many times you find that some people can’t attend church not because they don’t want but because of the distance or they are out of the nation! Thank God for the internet that we are able to reach you from your home and minister to you and your family all together! As a result, true spiritual growth starts on a family level and the result, only God can tell!

You can open up your home and be part of the many satellite churches growing around the world!
Call on +256 706 781 958‬/+256 780 895 441

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