Champions’ Small Group Ministry

Champions’ Small Group Ministry

The Champions’ Small Group System

The CSG System is a special structure within the church (Word Of Truth Center) that enables soul development and creates an avenue for soul winning. The CSG units are also designed to encourage fellowship amongst brethren, which is necessary for the nurturing of their faith.

It is also structured in a way that people of the same or similar professions belong to the same group. For instance their CSGs for the married, single, teenagers and for professional/businessmen and women.

To become a member of any CSG, all you have to do is locate a CSG that you fit in and simply attend the CSG meetings and continue in all the activities of the CSG.

The CSG system is a fundamental part of Word of Truth Centre as a ministry.      

  • It is a fellowship where you find love amongst brethren.
  • In a CSG you are built up and established on God’s Word
  • It is a venue for soul winning and development
  • The CSG bridges  the gap between the pastorate and members
  • It serves as a communication link between the pastorate and the members
  • It is the first point of service in the ministry

Benefits of being in a CSG

  1. Pastor gets to know you as a functional part of the ministry.
  2. The pastor is able to nurture, build, train, and follow you up closely as you grow in ministry.
  3. We share your challenges, testimonies, and pray with you as one family.
  4. We are able to celebrate new births, birthdays, weddings, baby dedications and offer comfort in times of need.
  5. Through the Helps department in the CSGs, we are able to help our brethren in times of need.

CSG Activities

Each CSG is headed by a CSG Leader who handles and coordinates the following

  1. Fellowship meetings
  2. Evangelism directed towards soul winning
  3. Outreaches
  4. Picnics
  5. Birthday celebration
  6. Follow up and visitations
    Any such activity which promotes love and fellowship amongst brethren.


There are CSGs located in your neighbourhood; we have CSGs in homes, fellowships and even CSGs according to age brackets; So join a CSG today and begin the journey to fulfilling God’s purpose for you.